Fullerton Collaborative has the following committees

Health & Wellness Subcommittee (Move More Eat Healthy)

St. Jude, CSUF, Community Action Partnership, Fullerton School District (FSD), Habitat for Humanity Orange County, City of Fullerton and the Fullerton Collaborative work together in four neighborhoods in South Fullerton on Obesity Prevention Policy Issues. The current Move More Eat Healthy initiative is showing success. They have worked on open space issues, school lunches, gang prevention, access to fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy drink choices.

Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Fullerton Community Center at 10 a.m.

Homelessness Subcommittee

Fullerton PD, WTLC, FSD, Pathways of Hope, CareerWise, First Redeemer, OCUnited, City of Fullerton Housing Dept., Mercy House, and Coast to Coast have been meeting in order to meet the needs of the homeless population in our city. The partners now have resources that come more quickly. Funding sources have been explained and the group has identified where they overlap. Community resources have been identified to help serve the clients better in these various programs. The communication amongst the various service providers has increased so greatly that the clients are now being served in a more efficient fashion. Email Briana Stickney at bstickney@rockharbor.org to be included in the commemails and to find out when the next monthly meeting will be located at.

At-Risk Youth Subcommittee

Solidarity, CF Dance Academy, FLDWRK, Fullerton PD, FSD, City of Fullerton Parks & Rec Dept, and Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton have been meeting in order to meet the needs of the homeless population in our city. The partners work on building relationships and develop local goals and strategies to make a collective impact to support the needs of at-risk youth (child, adolescents, and emerging adults) in Fullerton. Email Leanna Forcucci at missleanna@cfdance.net to be included in the commemails and to find out when the next monthly meeting will be located at.

Education Subcommittee

The education subcommittee with the members of the Fullerton School District, Fullerton Unified High School District, Placentia Yorba Linda School district, St. Jude Medical Center, Help Me Grow – 211, California State University, Fullerton (CSUF), Center for Healthy Neighborhoods, Habitat for Humanity, City of Fullerton Library Services, North Orange County Community College district, Boys & Girls Club of Fullerton and other organizations. Over the past year, partners are working on developing a 5 year strategic plan to support the vision that ALL Fullerton children receive the resources they need to achieve their potential to become successful adults.  The educational systems, city and community partner together to provide the opportunity for all children to achieve their full potential. Email Dr. Jessie Jones at jjones@fullerton.edu to be included in the commemails and to find out when the next monthly meeting will be located at.

Fullerton Collaborative participates in the following committees

Project Connect

This is a partnership between Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton College, Fullerton School District and the Fullerton Collaborative. The goal is to bridge the achievement gap for our lowest performing students. Needs have been identified in the Title 1 Schools and resources are being sent to the schools to help meet the needs. Students who do well, graduate and go to college are better prepared to enter the work force and succeed in their careers.

FSD School Wellness Committee

Committee was formed to help implement and evaluate the mandated School Wellness Policy. This covers what food is served to students on campus, physical education and nutrition education. The committee is tasked with updating the Fullerton School District's Wellness Committee and sharing the information with the various groups in the district in order to implement the policy.

Fullerton Advocating Community Transformation (Fullerton ACT)

Fullerton ACT is a group of churches partnering together for the transformation of our city. We believe the most strategic method of working towards community transformation is to partner with, develop relationships with, and provide support to ministries and organizations that are already doing great stuff and meeting the needs of people in our communities

Re-Think Your Drink Program-County Wide Effort

At the Faces of Fullerton 2009 event, 650 people pledged to go "soda free" for a month. That same summer 200 kids at the boys and girls club made the same pledge. Did you know there are 17 tsps. of sugar in a 20 oz soda? Our campaign caught the attention of the county. Fullerton High and Westminster High are now pilot programs—teaching the students to read menu labels, nutritional value of various beverages and better drink choices for healthy living. Fullerton Collaborative is the liaison between the County and FUHS. In addition, the State has now taken notice of the effort and is working with our County to implement State-wide efforts in this area.

Latino Educational Attainment (LEA)

The Latino Educational Attainment (LEA) committee is dedicated to empowering a key partner in the success of Latino students – their parents. The committee works to fill the gaps left by education, to assist Latino parents on how to advocate for their children and to spark the importance of education in Latino neighborhoods, the Latino Educational Attainment initiative is working to unify the community, students and parents to produce a highly skilled workforce for the future. The program has proved so successful that all parents are finding the information presented to be helpful in supporting their family’s educational experience. Classes offered are The Ten Education Commandments for Parents and The 40 Developmental Assets.

In addition, members of the Fullerton Collaborative have been trained in the 40 Developmental Assets program which will be another free parent education program available to our schools in the Fullerton School District.

Special Programs

Dental Clinics: In addition to two FREE youth dental clinics we were able to add and secure funding for a Senior Dental Clinic Fall. The Senior Clinic was held at the Fullerton Senior Center in 2009 and 2010. Some amazing work was done for folks who did not have dental insurance. There are very few dental clinics that serve adults so this was an invaluable opportunity for our Seniors.

Faces of Fullerton: The Annual Faces of Fullerton event is celebrated each Spring in the Downtown Plaza. This completely free event is a labor of love and gift to the citizens of Fullerton. It is interactive and intergenerational in scope. Free food and entertainment are offered all day. An estimated 8,000-10,000 visitors flock to downtown for this one day event.

Healthy Food Award: A Partnership between the Downtown Business Association and the Fullerton Collaborative. A restaurant that serves healthy choices is selected each month and awarded with a balloon and certificate. They are then recognized in the DBA newsletter, at the Fullerton Collaborative meeting, in the local paper and on facebook. We believe that this not only encourages healthy eating but it also increases business to our local restaurants.

AVID Tutors: Helped to bring tutors into the AVID Program at FUHS. Also helped to connect math tutors with high school students in a before school program. This builds capacity for both the younger and older student as they work through the math together.

Summer of Love: Fullerton (SolFul) SolFul is an initiative started by Fullerton Advocating Community Transformation (Fullerton ACT) , a committee under the Fullerton Collaborative,which is an open forum amongst Christ-centered community leaders that encourage one another to take steps in transforming the Fullerton community. Fullerton ACT also works with the City of Fullerton and the Fullerton School District through the Fullerton Collaborative to present the needs of the city to our church communities. SolFul: Summer of Love Fullerton is one of our first opportunities to unify as the church of the city and build relationships with one another and our communities.

Each summer YOU have the opportunity give back to one of three neighborhoods in Fullerton where California budget cuts have forced the closure of summer school and given thousands of children nowhere to go. For 7 weeks we have the chance to seek the welfare of the city and its people by engaging the children of Fullerton through exciting and fun programs centered in Art, Sports and Education!

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